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CHAI's Rescued Horses: Tikvah






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Tikvah was starved and abused until he could not take one more step. He collapsed on a street in Jaffa.


Hakol Chai received a call from the office of Zvi Galin, the Tel Aviv municipal veterinarian, saying there was a horse blocking traffic and would we haul him out of the way. The municipality has a budget for these matters, but offered to pay for nothing. While Tikvah was alive and suffering, the municipality failed to protect him from abuse. Only when his exhausted, malnourished body lay near death were we called to remove the obstacle to the free flow of traffic.


With the recommendation of a sympathetic veterinarian, we contacted a family who agreed to adopt Tikvah. "Tikvah" means Hope in Hebrew, and now this horse has reason to hope. He has fully recuperated, thanks to lots of loving care. His swollen ankles, the result of being shackled for long periods of time, have calcified and will always have a swollen appearance. But he is no longer being beaten, starved, and forced to carry heavy loads. His wounds, caused by an improper harness, have healed and he is no longer in pain. He has gained weight with proper nourishment, and Tikvah is now a very beautiful and happy horse.




Please help us create our Horse and Donkey Sanctuary in Israel. And please contribute to Hakol Chai's campaign to ban the abusive conditions in which so many horses and donkeys now suffer.