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Cart Horses and Donkeys: Media Coverage






Media Coverage

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Tel Aviv Bans
Horse-Drawn Carts:
Campaign Highlights and Updates

Horses Removed from Abuse in Jaffa

Wounded Cart Horses

Horse & Donkey Sanctuary

Help Stop Horse Abuse in Israel

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This is a selection of online and print newspaper articles and radio broadcasts covering the campaign against the abuse of horses and donkeys in Israel.


Horse-Drawn Carts Will Be Banned on City Streets and Highways THROUGHOUT ISRAEL


Förbud mot häskärror på gång i Israel

Djurens Ratt (Swedish), 26 February 2013, by Cecilia Mille


Charrettes interdites

Jerusalem Post (French), 13 February 2013


Israel Steps in to Save Hungry, Abused Cart Horses & Donkeys

Care2, 10 February 2013, by Piper Hoffman


Animal-drawn carts to be forbidden on roads

Jerusalem Post, 6 February 2013, by Sharon Udasin


Het trekken van overbelaste karren door trekpaarden en ezels in Israël straks verleden tijd!!

Nieuwslog (in Dutch) by Erna van der Ploeg


The rag and bone horses are being taken off the roads

BaEmek u'baRama, 13 December 2012, by Sigal Bukstein

Translated from Hebrew


Cart Horses Are About to Disappear from Our Landscape

Hai, 2 December 2012

Translated from Hebrew


Animal rights groups thank Katz for ban

Jerusalem Post, 29 November 2012

Jerusalem Post, 29 November 2012—online



Hakol Chai Project: Save the Donkeys, 2012


Hakol Chai to provide medical aid for donkeys in the Negev

Negev News, 16 March 2012

Translated from Hebrew



In Spite of Previous Ban, Horse-Drawn Carts Are Used Again in Tel Aviv; CHAI/Hakol Chai Resumes Campaign


Prohibiting the use of alte zachen horses (cart horses)

Radio 103, 4.11.12

Translated from Hebrew


The Alte Zachen Horses' Time Is Up

Yediot Aharonot, 1 November 2012

Translated from Hebrew


We need to put an end to the alte zachen

Hai, 1 August 2012

Translated from Hebrew


Chasse aux charrettes (in French)

Jerusalem Post, French edition, 17 July 2012


Animal rights group calls for eradication of horse-drawn carts

Jerusalem Post, 5 July 2012


War Horses

Time Out Tel Aviv, 21 June 2012

Translated from Hebrew


A New Life for Joey

Kav 7—Netanya, 20 April 2012

Translated from Hebrew


A New Life for Joey the Horse in the Shelter for Abused Animals

Sharon Hadash, 2 March 2012, by Reut Bar-Gil

Translated from Hebrew


Animal rights group launches campaign against horse and donkey carts

Jerusalem Post, 27 December 2011, by Sharon Udasin


Attorney Tal Sahar's radio interview about Hakol Chai's Witness Campaign for horses and donkeys

Radio 99 – Ecolife, 26 December 2011

Translated from Hebrew


Hakol Chai turns to the Interior Minister

Army Radio—Galatz, 26 December 2011

Translated from Hebrew



CHAI/Hakol Chai's 10-Year Campaign to Ban Horse-Drawn Carts in Tel Aviv Succeeds


A Campaign to Ban Cart-Horses in Tel Aviv and Eventually Around the Country Achieved Its First Goal with the Banning of Horse-Drawn Carts from the Tel Aviv Streets

Kol Israel Radio printed transcript, Israel Broadcasting Authority, 22 November 2009

Kol Israel Radio audio file (RealPlayer required)


Animal welfare groups win ban on horse-drawn carts

Jerusalem Post, 20 November 2009


They Save Horses, Don't They?

Arutz Sheva, 15 November 2009, by Hana Levi Julian


10 Year Campaign Saves Tel Aviv's Horses

CNBC.com, 12 November 2009, by Elie Bennett



Hakol Chai's Rally and Concert to Protest Against Horse-Drawn Carts,
7 December 2008


Artists Volunteer for Horses and Donkeys — a Hakol Chai Event to Protest Horses Pulling Carts Through Traffic

Nana, 1 December 2008 (translated from Hebrew)


Fighting the Cart Horse Phenomenon: End the Exploitation of Horses and Donkeys

nrg, 5 December 2008, by Einat Levy (translated from Hebrew)


Between Traffic Jam and Cart: the Horses Continue to Suffer

nrg, 7 December 2008, by Einat Levy (translated from Hebrew)


Tourist-activist seeks ban on T.A. carts

Ha'aretz, 5 December 2008, by Cnaan Liphshiz


How Much Can a Van Cost? (translated from Hebrew)

Walla!Green, 7 July 2007, by Eyal Datz



The Tragedy of Horses and Donkeys on the Streets of Israel


These articles cover some of the horrible abuses of horses and donkeys on the streets of Israel.


The Situation Is an Ass

Ha'ir, 8 February 2008, by Neta Ahituv (translated from Hebrew)


In the Ha'aretz article (below), the municipal vet of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Dr. Zvi Galin, proposes a new and entirely unacceptable alternative: using these horses to pull carriages.


Instead of solving the distress of the horses and donkeys who are exploited in various ways, City Hall intends to offer the horse owners the option of using their horses to pull carriages for tourists. This plan is promoted in spite of the fact that during the last few years major cities all over the world have banned, or are working toward banning, the use of horses for pulling carriages, in light of animal welfare considerations. Dr. Galin concludes by saying that he would like to show that there is a proper way to raise horses and take care of them.


Hakol Chai believes that "a proper way" to care for horses and donkeys cannot coexist with their exploitation. The use of horses and donkeys for "tourist" purposes instead of for "alte zachen" changes nothing in this respect.

Complete article:

They shouldn't be your beasts of burden

Ha'aretz, 16 July 2007, by Zafrir Rinat



Complete article:

A Horse's Life: A Slave with No Rights

Ma'ariv, 29 July 2007, by Orna Banai (translated from Hebrew)



Complete article:

Drivers Pulled Over to Lend a Hand to an Abused Horse

nrg, 1 July 2007, by Eli Levy (translated from Hebrew)



Hakol Chai Demonstrates in Tel Aviv


"This afternoon, at the entrance to the Tel Aviv Council meeting, Hakol Chai conducted a protest demonstration against the municipality's disregard of the continuous abuse of horses and donkeys in the city. The purpose of this activity was to make it clear to the City Council members, who were discussing this issue today, that the plight of horses and donkeys must not be ignored."

Complete article:

Hakol Chai in front of the Tel Aviv City Council: Stop the Abuse of Horses and Donkeys in the City

LOCAL, 3 December 2006, by Shlomit Tzur (translated from Hebrew)



"Hakol Chai, which began the campaign against cart horses years ago, made it clear that it will follow the implementation of the proposal and will continue to do everything to uproot this cruel phenomenon from Tel Aviv-Jaffa and from any other place where it exists."

Complete article:

Tel Aviv City Council Votes Unanimously for Horses and Donkeys

LOCAL, 4 December 2006, by Shlomit Tzur (translated from Hebrew)



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