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Speech in the Knesset by the Director of Hakol Chai—May 2011





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This speech was delivered by the Director of Hakol Chai before the Knesset financial committee, addressing the discussion on gambling and horseracing outside of Israel—May 3, 2011



Photo credit: Animal Aid, UK

Honorable minister and distinguish chairman and committee members:


We, the organization Hakol Chai, come here today before this honorable committee in order to give voice and shout on behalf of the noble and muted creature – the horse.


We do not represent the fanatical; we are the caring who seek the humane treatment of animals, and we have come to expose the bitter and cruel hidden truth behind the glowing mask of what is labeled the sport of wagered horse-racing. This activity is no sport, but a financial industry: an industry whose narrow list of questionable profiteers are the wealthy and the breeders. Those who pay the price are the ordinary-folks who gamble and, most significantly, the thousands of worn, weary, and destroyed horses who are used as living machines of the industry.


Every person with a heart and the capacity of humane feeling who is exposed to the truth behind the glitzy cultural images of the racetrack will join us in the fight against the import of this evil to Israel. Only those who are heartless are able to ignore the cries that we bring before you. Our role is to expose you to the truth behind the veneer.


It is important to us to clarify two points connected to this development.

  1. This decision will mean the concomitant, even if unintended, support of cruelty that destroys the lives of animals and shortens their life expectancy. I have to bring it to your attention that by supporting this proposal one supports a breach of the “Tsa'ar Ba'alei Chaim” law!

  2. A decision such as this one serves as a springboard to those who desire to legalize horse race gambling inside the State of Israel and the building of racetracks and more.

This is the reason that we are here. We oppose these steps and will take whatever efforts necessary to explain to you the horrendous significance of these plans and hope to enlist you to prevent them from taking place.


 The "sport" of horse-racing is precisely like the "sport" of bullfighting with one exception – the murder of the horses is slower and is usually out of view of the public.


Thousands of "used-up" horses and too slow colts are being slaughtered each year.


The horses are pumped with pain killers and steroids. They are being run until their body breaks and their breath fades away.