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Rabbi Shlomo Amar


On July 30, 2006, Rabbi Shlomo Amar, the Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel, issued a ruling (psak halacha) against horse racing.


The ruling concludes:

...it seems self-evident that one ought to instruct every God-fearing person to hasten to gather his livestock and his horses at home [an allusion to Exodus 9:20] and not to participate in horse-races — neither in establishing them, nor by watching them: because of the pain to animals caused thereby, because it is "a dwelling place of scoffers," and because it is "playing with dice" [that is, gambling].

Among the reasons the Chief Rabbi cited in drawing his conclusion are the following:

  • Racing involves the death of many horses, and this violates the Jewish law against wanton destruction.

  • Horse slaughter would create a risk that horsemeat would be sold in Israel, which would violate Jewish law.

  • Whoever shows compassion is shown compassion.

  • Using horses for racing is unnecessary; the cruelty involved, only for the purpose of making some rich people richer, is prohibited.

  • Judaism forbids gambling because it enriches one person at the expense of another.


Read the Chief Rabbi's complete ruling (PDF format).


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