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Racing Cruelties:   The Horror Behind the Glamour

Racing Cruelties: Photos & Videos

Slaughter of Racehorses

In Memory of Ruffian

Horse Abuse & Rescue Overview

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Slaughter at
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Slaughterhouse: Exposé of Horse Slaughter in the UK






Hakol Chai demonstrator at racetrack


Newspapers, TV, and radio stations in Israel, as well as the international media, are closely following our campaign to stop the emerging horseracing industry.


Here is a selection of online and print articles. Some are the original articles and some are translations.


MKs demand sports betting firm end horse racing campaign

Jerusalem Post, 30 October 2013, by Sharon Udasin


MK Hasson submits bill to ban 'immoral act' of betting on animals

Jerusalem Post, 18 July 2013, by Sharon Udasin


A matter of choice: Do we remember the animals on our way to the polling booth?

ynet, 1 January 2013, By Michal Volansky-Atias (translated from Hebrew)


Interview with Danny Atar, Head of the Gilboa Regional Council

nrg, 16 December 2012 (excerpt translated from Hebrew)


Good Treatment for Horses

Secret Magazine, 14 October 2012 (in Russian)


The Writing Cries Out on the Wall!

Iton Hai, 2 October 2012 (translated from Hebrew)


The End of the Race: 13,000 Horses in Danger of Death

nrg, 6 September 2012 (translated from Hebrew)


Hakol Chai to Minister of Culture and Sport Limor Livnat: Stop the Industry of Horse Racing in Israel

Kan Naim, 4 September 2012, by Moshe Naim (translated from Hebrew)


The Race for the Money

Forbes, 10 June 2012. by Yoav Vixelfish (translated from Hebrew)


Knesset panel gives nod to betting on the ponies

Ha'aretz, 8 May 2012, by Zvi Zrahiya


Radio Interview with Sigal Bukstein, Spokesperson of Hakol Chai

Radio 99, Ecolife, 7 May 2012 (translated from Hebrew)


For the first time: Israelis will be able to bet on overseas horse races

Calcalist, 7 May 2012, by Tomer Avital (translated from Hebrew)


Gambling abroad? No need for horseraces in Israel

nrg, 7 May 2012 (translated from Hebrew)


Horse racing: the race to death is not a sport

Walla! 18 April 2012, by Sigal Bukstein, Hakol Chai (translated from Hebrew)


The end of the race: Luck has run out for the horses too

Ynet, 19 March 2012, by Sigal Bukstein, Hakol Chai (translated from Hebrew)


Contentious gallop

Ha'aretz, 1 March 2012, by Zafrir Rinat (translated from Hebrew)


MK Yoel Hasson's Horse Racing Speech at Animal Rights Day at the Knesset

Knesset Channel, 28 February 2012


Animal rights groups ask Noked to block horse racing

Jerusalem Post, 5 December 2011, by Sharon Udasin


International Animal Rights Organizations to Minister Noked: Don't Allow Horse Racing

nrg, 5 December 2011 (translated from Hebrew)


Letter to the Editor

Haaretz, published in Hebrew, 10 November 2011, by Nina Natelson


Hakol Chai campaigns against the Agriculture Ministry's attempt to bring gambling on horseracing to Israel

Jerusalem Post: Novosti (newspaper in Russian), 3 November 2011

Translated from Hebrew


Running Nowhere: The Truth Behind the Glamour of the Horse Racing Industry

nrg, 24 October 2011, Nina Natelson (translated from Hebrew)


Appeal to the Minister of Agriculture: Don't Support Horse Racing

nrg, 24 October 2011 (translated from Hebrew)


Agriculture Ministry slammed for promoting horse breeding

Jerusalem Post, 25 October 2011, by Sharon Udasin


Campaign: Racing to Death

Arutz7, 24 October 2011, by Shimon Cohen (translated from Hebrew)


Hakol Chai's campaign was discussed on several major Israeli radio stations, including interviews with Attorney Tal Sahar, Manager of the organization: 

Interview with Attorney Tal Sahar, Professional Manager of Hakol Chai, Marking International Animal Rights Day

Radio Kol Israel, Reshet Bet, 11 December (translated from Hebrew)


Interview with PETA, Including Hakol Chai's Campaign, Marking International Animal Rights Day

Radio 99, Ecolife, 8 December 2011 (translated from Hebrew)


Animal Rights Organizations — American PETA and British Animal Aid — Appeal to the Minster

Radio Kol Israel, 5 December 2011 (translated from Hebrew)


American and British Animal Rights Organizations Write to the Ministry of Agriculture through Hakol Chai

Radio 99, Green News, 5 December 2011 (translated from Hebrew)


Non-Stop Radio Host, Nathan "Restless" Zahavi, Interviews Tal Sahar

Radio 103, 5 December 2011 (translated from Hebrew)


Interview with Tal Sahar Following the Finance Committee Meeting

Radio 99, Ecolife, 29 November 2011 (translated from Hebrew)




Knesset grants approval to gambling in Israel on horse racing abroad

Dangerous Racing: Gamblers Rejoice, Horses Suffer

nrg, 4 May 2011, by Yossi Greenstein and Rotem Sela (translated from Hebrew)



Demonstration at the "Hippodrome," April 2008

Protest on the Track

nrg, 23 April 2008, by Billy Frenkel (translated from Hebrew)


Protest at Horserace Track

Ynet, 23 April 2008, by Erez Erlichman (translated from Hebrew)


Demonstration in the Gilboa

PETNET, 21 April 2008 (translated from Hebrew)


Hakol Chai Activists' Demonstration

Nana, 21 April 2008 (translated from Hebrew)


They're Running Horses Too

Israel Today, 23 April 2008, by Dan Lavie and Danny Brenner (translated from Hebrew)


Photos from the demonstration — 22 April 2008



Selection of Ongoing Coverage

The Horse Fertility Whisperer

Ma'ariv, 2 April 2008, by Adi Katz (translated from Hebrew)


The Horses Are Not Satisfied

Ynet, 5 March 2008, by Omer Ginzburg (translated from Hebrew)


An Obstacle Course

Haaretz, 25 September 2007, by Rivi Ronen (translated from Hebrew)



Demos in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Every Two Weeks

Hakol Chai Holds Ongoing Protests

Ha'ir, 12 June 2007, by Oren Ziv (translated from Hebrew)



Second Race — Second Demonstration; Supreme Court Petition

Hakol Chai against the Racecourse

The Business Post, 7 May 2007, by Hadar Kanne (translated from Hebrew)


The High Court: Races Must Be Subject to Knesset Legislation

The Business Post, 16 April 2007, by Hadar Kanne (translated from Hebrew)


The Knesset Will Decide Whether Gambling on Horseracing Will Be Established

Ynet, 12 April 2007, by Erez Erlichman (translated from Hebrew)


The Racecourse Is Coming to the High Court of Justice

nrg, 11 April 2007, by Adi Hagin (translated from Hebrew)


"The horses are running to their death"

Ynet, 5 April 2007, by Erez Erlichman (translated from Hebrew)


"Crime Scene" in the Gilboa

From Hakol Chai's e-newsletter, Hakol Chai News, 5 April 2007 (translated from Hebrew)


AVAR Vice-President Holly Cheever, D.V.M., Provides Testimony to Israel's Supreme Court

AVAR Directions, Winter 2006, by Nina Natelson



Inaugural Race and Demonstration

See photo album:

Hakol Chai demonstrates at first race

Some of the demonstrators, people who want to stop cruelty, felt passionate enough about the issue to climb the fence and walk onto the track between races, in the hope that their protest signs would be seen by more people.


Run Horsy Run? Not So Certain

Ynet, 14 October 2006, by Eyal Ben (translated from Hebrew)


A Race in the Shadow of a Battle

nrg, 12 October 2006, by Oren Caspi (translated from Hebrew)


Dozens demonstrate at opening races of new hippodrome

Haaretz, 12 October 2006, by Eli Ashkenazi


Israel opens first horse racetrack despite protest, rabbinical condemnation, gambling ban

International Herald Tribune, The Associated Press, 12 October 2006


All bets off at first Israel race

BBC, 12 October 2006


Activists Protest Opening of Gilboa Horse-Racing Facility

Arutz Sheva – Israel National News, 11 October 2006


Demonstrators Crash Horse Race

nrg, 11 October 2006, by Dani Brenner (translated from Hebrew)


Thousands Came to the Newly Opened Racecourse; Outside – the Demonstration

Ynet 11 October 2006, by Sharon Rofe-Ophir (translated from Hebrew)


Israelis can now head to the races, at least for a day

Jerusalem Post, 11 October 2006, by Dave Machlis


They Just Shoot Horses

Nana, 10 October 2006, by Galia Sivan (translated from Hebrew)



Ruling of Chief Rabbi of Israel Against Racing

It Is Forbidden to Hold Horse Races on Sukkoth

Haaretz, 6 October 2006, by Eli Ashkenazi (translated from Hebrew)


Rabbi Shlomo Amar has ruled: "It is forbidden to participate in horse races"

Ynet, 5 October 2006 (translated from Hebrew)


"Some trust in chariots and some in horses"

nrg, 3 October 2006 (translated from Hebrew)


Rabbi Amar in a Ruling Against Horse Racing

Arutz Sheva, 3 October 2006, by Shimon Cohen (translated from Hebrew)


Psak Halacha by Rabbi Amar: It Is Forbidden to Hold Horse Races

Hazofe, October 2006, by Tuli Fikersh (translated from Hebrew)


Psak Halacha: It Is Forbidden to Hold Horse Races for Gambling Purposes and to Watch Them

Zafon 1, October 2006 (translated from Hebrew)



Hakol Chai Files Police Complaint

Animal rights group challenges hippodrome launch

Haaretz, 30 September 2006, by Eli Ashkenazi


Hakol Chai Files a Complaint Against a Racetrack in the Gilboa Region

Ynet, 27 September 2006 (translated from Hebrew)


On the Starting Line

nrg,  27 September 2006, by Dani Brenner (translated from Hebrew)



Selection of Coverage about Racing from Other Countries

Aintree's darkest day: Critically ill jockey fights for life after BBC is accused of Grand National 'carnage coverup' over deaths of horses

Mail Online, 10 April 2011, by Ian Gallagher


AP finds 5K horse deaths since '03

Study finds that 5000 racehorses have died in the U.S. in 5 years, the vast majority at the track

The Washington Post, 14 June 2008, by Jeffrey McMurray, AP


Race Illustrates Brutal Side of Sport

The New York Times, 4 May 2008, by William C. Rhoden


Is Horse Racing Breeding Itself to Death?

The Washington Post, 4 May 2008, by Sally Jenkins


Eight Belles' death renews horse racing questions

USA TODAY, 4 May 2008, by Tom Weir & Reid Cherner

Losing racehorses in Puerto Rico condemned to die

For Thoroughbreds in the U.S. Caribbean territory of Puerto Rico, being fast enough to win is a matter of life and death. About 450 horses, many in perfect health, are killed each year by lethal injection at a clinic tucked behind Puerto Rico's only racetrack, as a shortage of options often means a death sentence.

AP, 16 May 2008, by Michael Melia  


Big Brown trainer admits giving horse steroids

Agence France-Presse (AFP), 16 May 2008


The Last Winstrol [Steroid] Derby?

New York Times, 27 April 2008, by Jim Squires


Violence, fear and coercion: how we treat racehorses

The Guardian, 29 November 2007, by Andrew Tyler (Animal Aid)

And see Animal Aid's Race Horse Death Watch




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