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New Beginnings: Puppies at Home






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All the rescued puppies brought to the U.S. have found wonderful homes.

Some of the new families have sent us these photos.


Aski, now Tag






Babe, now Sabra (brother of Baby)

Ashley, now Latke

    See FOUR siblings together!

Baby, now Liora (sister of Babe)

    See FOUR siblings together!

Liora enjoying a reunion with her brother Sabra                                        Video


The siblings had been separated for the first time in their lives, for over a month.
"Liora and Sabra were so enthralled with one another...they lay on the ground holding paws and kissing each other."


Devivon, now Shayna



Doppler checking on his sleeping sister  



Donna, now Shayna (sister of Luna)



    Photo: Fredrick News-Post

Hermon, now Bella


Read A War Dog Finds a Home, by Dani Glick.

Jordan, now Emmy (sister of Snow)

    See FOUR siblings together!

Leah, now Isabel




Lucky, now Sadie




Luna, now Sabra (sister of Donna)




Sabra, on right 








Snow (sister of Jordan)

    See FOUR siblings together!

Zavoa, now Sabra