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Travel to USA; Adoption Days for Rescued Puppies






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Adoption Days

Adoption Days (Israel)

Puppies for
Adoption (U.S.)

Puppies for
Adoption (Israel)

Photos of Puppies Adopted in the U.S.

Garden Party: Reunion in the U.S.

Stories of Rescued Puppies

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How to Help the Rescued Animals





Video of Adoption Day in Israel

Photos of Puppies for Adoption in U.S.

Photos of Puppies Adopted in U.S.

Our adoption days were a great success, and all our puppies have been placed!

See photos of some of the puppies in their new homes.

Read the letter written by Nina Natelson, CHAI's director, about the puppies' arrival in the States, their adoption events, and their finding loving families.



Forty puppies, rescued from Hezbollah rocket fire in northern Israel, have been brought to the U.S. in search of a peaceful life and loving families.


Watch two videos of the puppies at Ben Gurion Airport: English video (begins in Hebrew) and Hebrew video.



Ben Gurion photos by Oren Ziv

 JFK photos by David Karp       

First Adoption Day in the USA

Sunday, November 12

Temple Rodef Shalom

2100 Westmoreland Street, Falls Church, VA 22043

Getting warm and dry after the rain


Second Adoption Day in the USA

Sunday, November 19

Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia

8900 Little River Turnpike, Fairfax, VA 22031