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Petfood Testing






Companion Animal Veterinary Research

Animal Agriculture Experimentation

Petfood Testing




Despite the fact that the nutritional requirements of dogs and cats are well established, both in health and in disease, petfood manufacturers often conduct harmful experiments in an attempt to prove that their products are better or healthier.


Most large petfood companies are now subsidiaries of even larger chemical or pharmaceutical corporations that are heavily involved in animal experiments. For example, Procter and Gamble, the giant company that tests cosmetics and other consumer and drug products on animals, produces Iams and Eukanuba.


Purina, one of the largest pet food companies in the world, offered to sponsor CHAI's mobile clinic in Israel. As an animal protection organization, we cannot accept sponsorship by a company that routinely harms animals in its petfood tests.


Unfortunately, it is difficult to find petfood in Israel that is not tested on animals.