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In August, 2003, in a two-to-one vote, judges on Israel's Supreme Court banned foie gras farming as currently practiced (which is the same method used in every country where foie gras is still produced). The Court stated that the Knesset could allow foie gras production to continue only if the Agriculture Ministry is able to issue regulations that "would guarantee the use of means that would substantially reduce the suffering caused to the geese."


Because Israel is one of the world's leading foie gras producers, the decision of the Supreme Court of Israel will have great impact. We have translated this groundbreaking decision in its entirety into English and are distributing it here.


Excerpt from the verdict:

As for myself, there is no doubt in my heart that wild creatures, like pets, have emotions. They were endowed with a soul that experiences the emotions of joy and sorrow, happiness and grief, affection and fear. Some of them nurture special feelings towards their friend-enemy: man. Not all think so; but no one denies that these creatures also feel the pain inflicted upon them through physical harm or a violent intrusion into their bodies. Indeed, whoever wishes to may find, in the circumstances of this appeal, prima facie justification for the acts of artificial force-feeding, justification whose essence is the need to retain the farmer's source of livelihood and enhance the gastronomic delight of others.... But this has a price — and the price is reducing the dignity of Man himself.

— Justice E. Rivlin

Read the complete verdict. You can print it from the browser window.


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