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Horse Slaughter in the UK






Horse Slaughter in the UK



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In September 2007, the British organization Animal Aid took undercover footage of horse slaughter in an abattoir in Taunton, England. These videos, photographs, and the text are courtesy of Animal Aid.

Watch the 90 second video

 Watch the 9 minute video

 Read the Animal Aid press release about the video

 Read the Animal Aid notes about their undercover filming for this exposť


About 20 of the roughly 50 horses Animal Aid filmed over just two days and one evening were Thoroughbreds [horses bred for racing]. [Note: Defra, the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, says the Taunton operation, together with another in Cheshire, kills 6,000-10,000 horses a year for consumption abroad.]


Photos from the Animal Aid Videos



Pregnant mare


Pregnant mare hoisted






Pony convulsing


Pony hoisted


Sick horse


Sick horse


Sick horse


Sick horse


Horse in bulldozer


Horse hoisted


Thoroughbred close up



 See photos of the slaughter of racehorses in Australia

"It is estimated that approximately 18 000 Australian ex-racehorses are sent to their slaughter each year."


Culling and killing are inevitable in the horseracing industry.
This should not be part of Israel's future.