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Second Humane Education Seminar for Arab Educators in Israel: Expanding the Circle of Compassion






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Second Seminar


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CHAI/Hakol Chai's second "Expanding the Circle of Compassion" seminar for Arab teachers and principals took place on April 4th and 5th, 2013, in the north of Israel. The program's creator, Rae Sikora, led participating educators and those new to the program in activities to help them explore their own attitudes toward the concepts featured in the program.


The program has been so popular among teachers and students alike that Ministry of Education officials expanded it to include 60 schools, with a further expansion to all schools in the north of the country planned.



Top: Teacher Sawsan abu Hameed shares with the audience the positive effect the program has had on her students.
Right: Druze religious expert, Sheikh Ridan Alman, speaks to the audience about the importance of instilling the values of respect and kindness in students.
Left: Program creator, Rae Sikora, addresses educators.
All Photos: Avi Hirschfield


Letter to Hakol Chai from one of the teachers who participated in the program:


Thank you for the fantastic opportunity you provided when you shared Hakol Chai’s wonderful educational program with us.


After we taught the program over the past school year, we discovered an enchanting circle which created true compassion for animals who live with us on our lonely planet. This program revealed, right before students' eyes, the deep and hidden world of animals. Students learned about animals' feelings, families, pain, suffering, intelligence, and I saw looks of amazement, heard moving words, stories and dreams from them. Real dialogue was held among the students. A few spoke quietly, others shared their stories, and one even shared his regret over something he did. Real and definite change occurred and this was only the beginning. I am certain there is much more to come.


I was happy to realize a dream for people in search of peace among those living in this universe, and I was happy to be a representative for the angels guarding the weak spirit and for those trying to provide us with better lives—you at Hakol Chai.


I, too, could not resist the change, and experienced the happiness together with the students. I am still enchanted and charmed from the change and the new world this program showed me. I feel that I still don't have the words to describe this great change, to describe the impact, the belonging and compassion which has filled my heart and many more hearts.


We will continue this path together…with your guidance and supervision.

Thank you in the name of all of the students who took part in the program.


Asma Halladi, teacher in Al'H'Robiya school in Shfar'am


Teachers shared with the audience the transformational effect the program had on them and their students, following the first seminar. One said a student of hers was afraid of cats because he imagined their large eyes staring at him with hatred, so he hanged them on the way to and from school. After being in the program for a while, this student admitted to her what he had been doing and told her he would never do it again.


Teachers spoke passionately about the suffering of animals they had witnessed and their longing to help bring about a more compassionate society and world.



Participants broke up into pairs or small groups to carry out activities.
Asma Halladi, lower left


Teachers expressed appreciation and gratitude to the program’s presenter for bringing the program to their schools.  Rae on left, Sawsan on right