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Launching the "Circle of Compassion" project in schools in Shfar'am and Kfar Yassif






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Written by: Hanna Obaid, correspondent of Panet website and Panorama newspaper

21 October 2012, Translated from Arabic

Full article in Arabic


The project "Expanding the Circle of Compassion," in collaboration with the organization Hakol Chai, has recently been launched in the schools in Shfar'am and Kfar Yassif.



Taught in select schools, this special program attempts to pass on humane values to the students.


During the recent Passover vacation, Hakol Chai gave lectures and seminars to nearly seventy teachers and school principals in Shfar'am and Kfar Yassif, following which the "Expanding the Circle of Compassion" program has been successfully launched and is now implemented in both regions.


Taught here for the first time, particularly to 4th graders, this project presents the students with a number of films and other means of illustration, all centered on the subject of other living creatures, especially animals. The project aims to encourage students to ask questions about their behavior towards the various living things that surround us, but its main goal is to develop critical thinking concerning animals on the one hand, and placing boundaries on violence on the other hand; both accompanied by the absorption of the values of respect, compassion, and tolerance, and the acceptance of the burden of responsibility.


During the newly started activity in Albazilla School in Shfar'am, the students have learned about the meaning of mercy and analyzed its importance. In addition, they addressed the occurrences within their own circles of compassion, and, as they examined the subject more closely, showed their enthusiasm about the subject. Familiarity with animals and the emotions involved in the connection with them the fear they feel and the fear the animals feel brings them closer to the animals and makes it easier to sympathize with them, as they should. The students were also surprised to learn about the animal's true behaviors and their sources, as well as their mental and behavioral capacities. This has brought them even closer to the animals and facilitated gentleness and friendship with them.


Principal and educator Yasmin Hachar emphasizes that the project is beneficial for the students, teaching them about values and morality, building mutual respect between all living things. These objectives coincide with those of the school itself.


Hakol Chai's response: "We are glad of the collaboration with the schools and students in the implementation of this important project. Promoting humane values, compassion and gentleness towards animals, is of utmost importance, seeing as those values are the cornerstone of forgiveness and tolerance in the students' hearts, towards both their societies and their environment. We are now preparing for the years to come, during which we plan to expand the program to include more schools."