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Jewish Humane Education Kit
Judaism and Kindness to Animals: Quiz





Kit Overview

Ten Lesson Plans

Backup Material: Stories from the Bible & from Jewish Tradition

Quotations from the Bible about Kindness to Animals

Judaism & Kindness to Animals: Quiz

Judaism & Kindness to Animals: Answers to Quiz



Judaism & Animals





Answer True (T) or False (F) and explain the basis for the correct answer.


(Answers and Discussion)

  1. God made covenants with animals just as with people.
  2. Only humans go to Heaven.
  3. Hunting for sport is permissible as long as the animals have a "sporting chance."
  4. Rebecca was chosen to be Isaac's wife because she gave water to some thirsty camels.
  5. Rabbi Judah suffered from a toothache for thirteen years because he ignored a calf's plea for help, but his health was restored when he prevented his daughter from killing a family of weasels.
  6. Any animal that kills a human should be put to death immediately.
  7. A person who was a spectator at gladiatorial games was only condemned if the games involved humans.
  8. A person who is noble, polite, sensible, learned, and orthodox may be considered righteous even though he or she is cruel to animals.
  9. Noah was called righteous because he spent an entire year caring for animals in the Ark.
  10. Since humans are given dominion over the animals, we can subordinate all their needs to ours.
  11. When an animal is slaughtered for food, the blood of the animal or bird is covered to indicate that killing is a shameful act.



  12. Animal sacrifices are considered worthy deeds.
  13. It is important to muzzle oxen when they are threshing corn.
  14. It is forbidden to tie the legs of a beast or of a bird in a manner that would cause them pain.
  15. Although a blessing is said when new clothes are worn, the blessing may not be said if the clothes are made of fur or leather, for you have killed to get them.
  16. There is a special blessing only for fruit, vegetables, bread, and wine, but not for meat dishes.
  17. Animals are to be fed and watered only after humans have finished eating.
  18. Only humans are required to rest on the Sabbath. Animals can work on the Sabbath as long as it is for a non-Jew.
  19. The first diet of humans and animals was vegetarian, and one day we will all be vegetarians once again.
  20. You should help an animal in distress only if you don't have to violate the Sabbath or interrupt the carrying out of a commandment do so.
  21. You are not permitted to wear leather shoes on Yom Kipper because you can't ask for compassion for yourself if you haven't shown it to others.
  22. God chose Moses and David as leaders of their people because of their compassion for animals.

Answers and Discussion