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Story and drawing by Mira  (Israel)




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Many years ago in a distant and secluded place a very special story occurred....


There was a very sick little boy, who had an unknown disease.


His name was Aftam. Aftam loved animals a lot, but he couldn't keep any dogs, cats or any other animal. His parents didn't let him keep animals at home because they didn't have the money and because Aftam's father was allergic to dogs and hated cats.


Aftam was 10 years old when they discovered his illness and tried to cure him, but nobody knew how. All the doctors said the same thing: "He has only a few more years to live, and only a miracle can save him."


One day Aftam went out with his mother for a walk in the forest and he suddenly disappeared. His mother was very worried about him because she didn't know where he was, and she looked for him desperately.  Meanwhile, Aftam was wandering in the forest until he noticed something moving between the bushes... a sort of brown-red small thing. Aftam, who was very brave, drew closer to the "thing" and held him in his hands. He had long ears and a very soft and pleasant body, his eyes were as brown as honey, that's why he called him Honey. This strange "thing" was a very special dog, he had a big head and a small body, and he also had a very long and curled tail with a glowing yellow stone at its end.


Aftam knew that his parents wouldn't let him keep Honey so he decided to hide him in the barn.


In the meantime, Aftam's parents were still looking for him. They eventually found him sleeping near the barn. They held his hand and took him home.


Aftam gave Honey meat every morning, but when he used to come back the next day he would find the meat as it was the day before. But Honey was healthy anyway. In a month's time, Aftam wanted to feed Honey as usual, but Honey wasn't there. Aftam looked for Honey all around the house, and he found him in his parents' room... in his father's hands....


Aftam was worried and didn't know what was going to happen to him now that his parents had found out that he had disobeyed them. Surprisingly, Aftam's father didn't sneeze although he was allergic to dogs. He asked Aftam why had he hid Honey even though he knew that he wasn't allowed to keep a dog in the house. Aftam was very sorry, and when he remembered the problems of keeping a dog he was full of joy: he explained to his parents that Honey didn't eat any food so he wouldn't cost any money, and second of all his father wasn't allergic to dogs after all.


In the beginning Aftam's parents didn't believe that Honey didn't eat, but Aftam proved it and they agreed to keep him.


One day Aftam felt bad and wanted to be with his dog Honey. His parents agreed and so did his doctor. It was night and everyone was asleep. There was a full moon that night and the stone at the end of Honey's tail was glowing in a gold-reddish color. The light that came out of the stone lighted Aftam's heart and it didn't light anything else.


The next morning, everybody woke up and went to Aftam's room, but he wasn't there and neither was Honey. They went outside to the yard and found Aftam swinging happily and he... was healthy. The doctor who came confirmed that a miracle had happened and that miracle was Honey. Aftam lived with his parents and Honey happily ever after.


Mira with Shimon