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Is your bar/bat mitzvah around the corner? Why not create a cool tzedakah project, honoring your special day, which helps make the lives of animals better!


What kind of project would be most meaningful to you? Think about what issues most concern you. Is it street cats in Israel, homeless dogs, veganism, or animal abuse? Or maybe you have a more general interest in helping animals. Also think about what level of involvement you want to have with your project, how much time you have, who can help you with your project, and so on. There are so many ways to help animals, and what speaks to you is what's most important.


Here are just a few ideas:

  • Create a special pre-or post- bar/bat mitzvah group project, having you and your friends create flyers detailing animal abuse issues, work with a local shelter to find homes for shelter dogs, send letters to politicians, or raise money for CHAI from family members and other friends.

  • Create party favors with an animal based theme — for example, animal-shaped cookies, a list of what to do if you find a stray, abused, or hurt animal, vegan recipes, and CHAI notecards. Include in the favors an envelope explaining the work CHAI does, our web address, and a postage paid envelope for direct donations.

  • Make centerpieces for your party with cute kitten/cat stuffed animals; print out little flyers with information about the street cat problem in Israel and what CHAI is doing to help solve it. Or you can use the CHAI centerpiece.

  • Donate a portion of your (monetary) gifts to Hakol Chai.

Or come up with your own creative idea! Email us for suggestions and support…


Don't forget to write to us, explaining your project, and we'll post it here!


Following are some tzedakah projects that other kids did in honor of their special day.



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