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Miriam and Dex

I have written these articles for my Bat Mitzvah project.  ~Miriam



What is compassion, exactly? Is it an action, or is it a feeling? You can feel compassion, but it does no good if you do nothing about it. CHAI is one of the groups that do something. Through their work to protect animals, they are making a difference in Israel and are a shining example to the rest of the world and the animal concerned community. They spay and neuter animals, as well as finding them both foster homes and permanent homes. They have saved hundreds of animals, particularly when the Gaza strip was evacuated. Those animals would have almost certainly been killed had CHAI not found them and rescued them. If you are donating money to a charity, donate to CHAI. They are one of the most worthy recipients I can name. You know your money is needed and will be used for what they say it will be used for.


Global Warming

What would happen if animals all died? With global warming, that's looking more likely to be the case. Dozens of species go extinct every day. If there were no animals in the world, we would lose their companionship. If you think about it, many plants wouldn't thrive because they are pollinated by animals. So, in the end, how would we survive without animals? To prevent animals from dying out, do what you can to stop and prevent global warming. Don't support unethical treatment of animals or buy furs. 



Miriam and Beau


Miriam and Isis Ruthie