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And His tender mercies are over all His works (Psalms, 145:9)


Have you thought about working with animals as a profession?


If you love animals (and you probably do, because you're at an animal website!) we imagine that you might have thought at one time or another about working with animals as a profession. We know how important a career decision is, and the fact that you are looking at this section means that you are curious about how your values and interests might someday be applied to a career in caring for the welfare of animals.


Here are some ideas:

  • Veterinarian
    Probably what first comes to mind when thinking about working with animals is becoming a veterinarian. We think it is a wonderful profession. By the way, did you know that there are many different fields to choose from within the veterinary profession? Some veterinarians, like the ones you probably know, work with smaller, domesticated companion animals, while other veterinarians help the animals in wildlife sanctuaries in Israel and countries around the world.

  • Researcher
    Are you curious about how nature works and do you enjoy finding out new information and studying new topics? Maybe you would make a great field researcher, studying animals and their behavior in their own natural environment.

  • Park Ranger
    Do you feel cramped if you spend too much time inside and come alive when you are on hikes, exploring animals in nature, and observing them? It's possible that you'd make a great park ranger or guide.

  • Oceanographer
    Do you love the sea and ocean life? Perhaps a career as an oceanographer awaits you.

  • Shelter Worker
    Do you feel a real sense of connection with homeless animals and the staff who care for them when you walk into an animal shelter? Maybe a career caring for shelter animals, or managing a shelter, is in your future.

  • Artist for Animals
    Are you artistic, visual and creative? Perhaps you would make a great illustrator of books related to animals or even a wonderful producer of TV programs about animal life!

  • Animal Rights Lawyer
    Are you concerned about justice? Is learning about the law and how it protects animals interesting to you? It's possible that you would make a great animal rights lawyer. As an animal rights lawyer, you would protect the rights of animals by working to change laws and by arguing cases in the defense of animals — including farm animals, companion animals, and animals used for research.

  • Animal Cruelty Investigator
    As a cruelty investigator, you would be using many different skills to investigate wrong-doings to animals, including interviewing, inspecting, reporting, educating, and testifying in court. Like an animal rights lawyer, your skills could be used to overcome cruelty in many environments — such as homes, pet stores, puppy mills, labs, and farms.