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We would love to hear from you, so please email us (chai_us@cox.net) with your photos, paintings, stories, or any comments you might have about animals and how to help them.


— Danielle  

We're looking for real-life heroes!

Are you a kid who has made a difference in the life of an animal?


Maybe you helped an animal who was hurt, cold, hungry, or scared.


Or maybe you defended an animal who was not being treated right.


Maybe you helped one time in a big way — by reporting animal abuse, for example, or by rescuing a hurt animal.


Or maybe you help all the time, by frequently talking to your friends about the importance of taking good care of their dog or cat.


If any of these scenarios sounds like you (or someone you know), we consider you to be a real hero. We want to hear your stories — come on, brag a little — that way, other kids can learn how to help animals. Please send us your stories (with pictures too, if you have them) and we'll post them. And maybe all these stories will encourage new heroes among us.



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  • Our Journey in the North  
    A true story. A young girl joins the rescue of animals in northern Israel during the war with Lebanon.