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We would love to hear from you, so please email us (chai_us@cox.net) with your photos, paintings, stories, or any comments you might have about animals and how to help them.



Paintings from CHAI's Art for Animals


Most chickens live in tiny cages and never get to see their babies.


Parrots should live in the Amazon,
not in cages.



Did you know?

Most animals killed for food never make it to be teenagers. Many veal calves only live 3 weeks, the average chicken only lives 6 weeks, the average turkey only lives 12 weeks, the average pig only lives 8 weeks, and the average goat only lives 16 weeks. They never get to grow up!


Did you know?

You can we make the biggest difference for stray animals by spaying and neutering cat kids and dog kids. Spay one kitten and prevent the future suffering of 450,000 stray cats.


Read about the Hakol Chai spay/neuter traveling clinic — it's the first in the entire Middle East!