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We would love to hear from you, so please email us (chai_us@cox.net) with your photos, paintings, stories, or any comments you might have about animals and how to help them.


— Mishe   

We want your stories!

Was your companion animal rescued from the street, an animal shelter, or from someone who didn't want him or her?


Yes? Well, then, we want your stories!


First of all, let us say that we are very impressed. No need for us to tell you that you have saved the life of an animal that would have possibly died or suffered a lot. It must feel great to know how much you changed this animal's life.


We really want to hear your rescue story. Write to us and tell us how you found your companion animal, what it took to get the animal to your home, and a little bit about your relationship. Of course, we would also love a picture of the two of you.


If you haven't rescued an animal yet and you are thinking about bringing a companion animal into your family, where would you go to find your perfect dog or cat?


Buying from a breeder just makes the overpopulation problem worse. And not only that, but many breeders treat the dogs and cats that they breed like any other business — they do it just to make money. They might make the females have too many babies. And the dogs and cats can live in bad conditions without fresh air, walks, kindness, or love. It's a business, after all.


Did you know how many beautiful, sweet dogs and cats are sitting in shelters waiting for homes? If shelter animals don't find homes, they either live out the rest of their lives lonely and sad or are killed because there isn't enough space for all of them. So please don't buy your dog or cat. You might be surprised to find just the kind of breed you love right at the shelter! Or maybe you'll find a great kitten or two on your own street...it happens all the time.


And then you'll have your own rescue story to share with us!



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