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We would love to hear from you, so please email us (chai_us@cox.net)
with any comments you might have about animals and how to help them.



— Emily       

Have you ever thought about helping animals but just didn't know how to go about doing it?

There are a lot of different ways you can help — through Hakol Chai, at school, in your neighborhood, right at home, or at a shelter, to name a few.


Are you a born teacher? We at Hakol Chai would love your help with educating kids at your school. Or maybe you're super-organized and you can help us by signing kids up for our mobile clinic. Or if you're a computer whiz, perhaps you can suggest new ways to make our site really stand out with kids.


Are you artistic? Maybe you can make posters for schools.


Are you an activist? You might be great at starting awareness campaigns at your school or writing to politicians or newspapers or businesses and impress on them the need to change laws or their practices.


You can also help by setting up recycling campaigns or reducing the amount of water and electricity used in your own home. Remember, everything that helps protect the environment helps animals too. (See Caring for the Environment.)


Or another idea: You could call your local animal shelter. Maybe you're too young to officially volunteer at a shelter, but you're not too young to help them raise money or collect much-needed supplies from classmates and neighbors, including blankets and toys. So suggest those ideas to the shelter if they aren't sure how you can help!


We could go on and on with ways you can help.


So you see, volunteering for us or in your community can mean many different things, depending on you and what you like to do. So think about what you're good at and what's fun for you and then contact us or your shelter.