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Help Stop the Barbaric Practice of Shackling and Hoisting






Help Stop Shackling and Hoisting



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Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger – Photo: Ha'aretz



According to a June 18, 2010 article in Ha'aretz, "Israel's chief rabbi intends to label 80 percent of the meat currently imported into the country as not kosher unless 'cruel' slaughter practices are ended....The decision came after pressure from American-Israeli animal welfare activists." However, the chief rabbi has taken no action to fulfill his promise. See the 2010 Ha'aretz article, read the follow-up 10 June 2011 article in Ha'aretz, and also the 8 July 2011 article in The Jerusalem Post.


Your Letters Are Needed


Please ask the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Yona Metzger, to keep the promise he made to end shackling and hoisting in South American kosher slaughter plants that supply meat to Israel. Shackling and hoisting consists of suspending fully conscious cows upside down in the air by one chained leg. The animal may hang upside down for minutes during the slaughtering process, muscles and tendons tearing. This method is no longer used in U.S. or European non-kosher slaughterhouses, but it continues in some kosher slaughterhouses, though not in Israel. In 2002, the Conservative branch of Judaism (through its Rabbinical Assembly’s Committee on Jewish Law and Standards) ruled that shackling and hoisting should be stopped: "Now that kosher, humane slaughter using upright pens is both possible and widespread, we find shackling and hoisting to be a violation of Jewish laws forbidding cruelty to animals."


In the most humane restraint method, the standing pen, the cow is upright and calm throughout the process, but the Israeli Chief Rabbinate requires that the animal be inverted in order for the cut to be in a downward motion. Kosher meat consumed by strict Orthodox Jews outside of Israel is produced with the standing pen method, evidence that shackling and hoisting is an unnecessary restriction. The reason purportedly given by slaughterhouse owners for not converting to the more humane method is that they could kill over 100 animals an hour using the inhumane method, but only 55 per hour with the humane method. Rabbi Metzger places blame for the continued cruelty on the meat importers, yet it is his department that supervises and endorses the imported products. Eighty percent of kosher meat imported into Israel comes from South America, where animal handling systems are the most barbaric in the industry. All slaughterers in South America are under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate and all kosher meat imported from South America into Israel must be approved by the Chief Rabbinate.


Sample Letter:


Please fulfill the promise you made to end the cruel practice of shackling and hoisting in slaughterhouses that ship to Israel from South America. Since all kosher meat imported from South America into Israel must be approved by your office, the decision in favor of humaneness or cruelty is entirely yours.


Read a letter written by Nedim Buyukmihci, V.M.D., University of California, Davis, Founder of the Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights (AVAR).



Rabbi Yona Metzger

Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel

Beit Yahav

80 Yirmiyahu St.

POB 36, Jerusalem, Israel

Fax: 011-972-2-5377872