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Help stop cruelty in Jaffa

Please write to the mayor of Tel Aviv-Jaffa to protest the refusal of police to rescue abused animals. The police stated that the area is crime-ridden and dangerous, including to police officers.

Help stop the introduction of the racing industry in Israel

Please take a moment to help support our campaign against the introduction of a large-scale horse racing industry in Israel.


Please write letters to the Ministers of Finance, Agriculture, and Education.

Help stop the barbaric practice of shackling and hoisting

Please urge Chief Rabbi Metzger to fulfill the promise he made two years ago to end the use of the cruel shackling and hoisting method at all South American slaughterhouses that supply kosher meat to Israel.

Help stop horse abuse in Israel

CHAI's 10-year campaign to ban the use of horse-drawn carts on the streets of Tel Aviv achieved success in 2009, when the city finally announced that it had banned the practice. Now we must work to ban this practice throughout the rest of Israel.

Please write to the Chairperson of the Education, Culture, and Sports Committee in the Knesset, to the Minister of Education, Culture, and Sports, and to the Minister of Transportation, asking them to support legislation to prevent cruelty to horses in Israel.

The need is urgent. Allowing animal abusers to repeatedly obtain and abuse horses gives a stamp of approval to animal cruelty.

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