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Hakol Chai Appeals to New Chief Rabbi to End Extreme Cruelty in Kosher Slaughterhouses






Hakol Chai Appeals to New Chief Rabbi to End Extreme Cruelty in Kosher Slaughter



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Fully conscious, writhing steer in Uruguayan kosher slaughterhouse SIX YEARS ago. NOTHING has changed.

Photo: PETA

Jerusalem, August 26, 2013


On behalf of Hakol Chai (Everything Lives), Rabbi Adam Frank today called on Israel's newly appointed Chief Rabbi, David Lau, to end the cruel and abusive treatment of animals in South American kosher slaughterhouses, which provide 80% of all meat imported to Israel.


"Kosher meat supplied to Israel continues to be produced using the most crude and abusive restraint practices in the industry," said Frank, after viewing undercover video footage of the practice of shackling and hoisting, in which fully conscious, terrified cows are hung upside down by one chained leg, muscles and tendons tearing, before their throat is finally slit.


Representatives of the Rabbanut's kashrut department witnessed this brutal practice during supervisory visits to kosher slaughterhouses in South America. All shochtim in South America are under the supervision of the Rabbanut and all kosher meat imported from South America into Israel must be approved by the Rabbanut.


"I am writing to express concern and anger at the abuse, injury and unnecessary suffering inflicted upon fully conscious animals" Frank wrote, asking Rabbi Lau to rule on whether these practices violate "tsar ba'alei chayyim," the Jewish mandate to prevent unnecessary suffering to animals. "Since less painful and more humane methods of animal restraint and treatment exist and are currently used elsewhere in the world, does the Chief Rabbinate in Israel support and condone the continued use of the outdated, pain-inflicting shackle and hoist method?"


In the U.S. and Europe, shackling and hoisting was replaced by a more humane restraining pen. Cows walk into the pen, which is then raised up off the floor. "Glatt kosher meat consumed by haredim outside of Israel is produced with the standing pen method, evidence that shackling and hoisting is unnecessary," said Frank.


Rabbi Frank previously appealed to Lau's predecessor, Rabbi Yona Metzger, respectfully calling on him to use his authority to implement reforms. "A sense of responsibility and moral outrage over the continuing abuse of animals require no less," Frank wrote. Metzger agreed that the practice was cruel and should end, but said the Rabbinate had long-term contracts with the slaughterhouses and would lose money if they were cancelled.


Hakol Chai/CHAI remind the public that becoming vegan is the best way to prevent animal suffering, preserve human health, and reverse global warming.


For more information, including an opinion piece by Rabbi Frank, see www.chai-online.org/rabbi_frank.htm.